What we do

Welcome to our dojo. We were waiting for you.

MANYFOLD is a design and consulting studio engaged in awakening your meaningful ideas. Our network of talented individuals will fight by your side on your epic journey to success, wielding the mighty swords of hard earned skills and common sense to serve you.

  • Code & Development

    Your online presence is the gateway to your brand, products and services. Let us help you score a homerun from the first pitch — responsive websites, online shops, or full blown applications: the web is our playground, we grew up wwwith it.

  • Design & Brand Consulting

    Form and function must be finely tuned to your voice. Our pixel perfect delivery will bring the tone and vocabulary you need to write your story — graphic design, branding and identity: we solve these problems so you can stay focused.

  • Ideas & Connections

    Good chemistry: the right ingredients at the right time. Careful collaboration has weaved our interdisciplinary network to reach far beyond the confines of screens — from conceptual to tangible: we offer full service communication strategies.

  • Mobile & Scalable

    No sir, mobile isn’t the future. We think mobile now, and mobile first — from wearable displays to the big screen, for small businesses or a global corporation, we can tailor to any size: screens, audiences or medium.

  • Friendly & Nimble

    We play nice with others, in-house and on the field. Agencies short on vitamin web often let us do the heavy lifting while they stay in the shade — go ahead, sell that full service package: we'll make sure you look your best for the picnic.

  • Social & Marketing

    Word of mouth is the king of all advertisements. Your customers are your best promoters, give them all they need to spread the word — copywriting, social integration, event marketing and coordination: #WeCanDoItToo.

Back to work

Stop wasting your time. We can show you the way.

If you are ready to go back to what you do best, you knocked at the right door. We are always available to discuss projects or begin a new relationship. Let's grab a coffee.


Our clients are a talented happy bunch.

We gladly focus our efforts helping startups, creative agencies, small businesses and non-profits organizations. We have a knack for working with independent makers, art galleries and artists. Whichever it may be, we speak your language. You can take their word for it.

  • Adler Design
  • Aperture Foundation
  • C2C
  • Richard Taittinger
  • Eno Wines
  • Michael Sieben
  • Stateless Media
  • Latent Image

If you wish to see more references and examples of our work, please inquire at

The fellowship

Awesomeness can happen to you too. We can help.

The journey to better communication and more impactful design is before you. Let us be your guides through these treacherous woods.

  • Kaz Raad Kaz Raad

    Montpellier, France

    Kaz straddles the line between designer and developer effectively. Steadfast and opinionated, he should have been a Vulcan. Convinced everything is possible, he will just as fast tell you when superfluous. His hair has it's own zip code.

  • Nadim Raad Nadim Raad

    San Francisco, California

    Nadim designs ruthlessly, and for anything with a screen. His precision and attention to detail is only rivaled by his speed in execution. He eats code for breakfast, only sleeps occasionally and can't stand ugly things.